Business Checkup

The New Options Review

The business owner’s role is to guide the company toward continued growth and profitability. Many owners find that the operational activities of their business consume most of their time. Yet, an equally important activity is taking a step back to assess what you are doing and confirm that it meshes with your overall goal. Through a Business Check-Up, New Options Business consultants can help you do this and validate that you are spending time on those things that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line. The Check-Up process will also help to identify areas in need of improvement or requiring fine-tuning.

The Check-Up process will help you to identify areas in need of improvement or requiring fine-tuning.

ChecklistIn addition to identifying opportunities and areas needing improvement, your New Options Business consultant will assist you in developing strategies for acting on both.

The New Options Business Check-Up will help you develop an action plan to implement your strategies and provide referrals to other resources available to assist you in developing and implementing your plan. New Options Business Services will always be available to assist you.

The Five-Step Check-Up Process

Step One:

Call New Options Business Services and a NOBS consultant will schedule a meeting with you.

Step Two:

Meet with the consultant to discuss the details and confirm that the Check-Up process is right for you.

Step Three:

A New Options consultant will conduct the Check-Up:

  1. First meeting – collect information through discussion and completing a
  2. Review of your financial information, business plans and other operating business
  3. Comparison of your organization to others in your industry segment.
Step Four:

Receive the New Options Business Services review; get answers about your business strengths and weaknesses, and how your management practices compare.  Confirm agreement on the findings.

Step Five:

Your New Options Business Services consultant will schedule an action-planning meeting to present to you a package of recommended action steps to implement and additional New Options Business Services to support your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take me away from my business?

Time needed for the “Check-Up” is generally determined by the size of the business. The team leader can give you an estimate.

What documents will I need to produce?

Three years of financial information along with any other operating business documents, plans and policies. This information will allow the Check-Up Team to evaluate what is happening in your business and to properly assist you in the development of any actions that could improve your profitability.

Can’t my accountant do the same for me as the New Options Business Services Check-Up?

The New Options Business Services consultants will review your entire business in addition to your financials. They will focus on developing pragmatic action steps that will be designed to improve your company’s efficiency and profitability for a very reasonable fee.

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