Real Estate and Construction

New Options offers an array of business services through our network of independent consultants, including:
  • ADA Compliance Consulting
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Environmental and Land Use Consulting
  • Homeowners’ Association Management
Our team has worked with dozens of contractors and developers to improve operations and the bottom line through
  • Effective processing and management of notice, claims and mechanics’ liens;
  • Accounting and bookkeeping solutions that provide real-time data for work-in-progress, change orders, and budget review;
  • Customized certified payroll reporting systems to speed payment on public works projects
New Options Business Service can also connect you with a reliable, experienced real estate agent or broker in your area to assist in your search for new office, warehouse, or industrial space.
Give us a call–we have what you are looking for!

California Preliminary Notice – completed forms and certified mail service within 24 hours! From $19.95.